My life long Lovestory with

I Don’t Want to Hear It Anymore

This Song was “found” by Jerry Greenberg

“I was a promo man in Connecticut for Vee Jay records It was the b side to I stand accused by Jerry Butler. I was very happy she loved it and she did a great job.”

Writer Kevin Courrier, in his 2005 book Randy Newman’s American Dreams, describes the song as about the “ambiguities of romance” with the singer the protagonist in an “ill-fated love affair”.

I often hear that this recording this one of the best from session and even one of the best Dusty recorded. I try to find myself what so many people seem to find in this song, but to me and this is only my personal opinion. The special something or as Warren Zanes describes it in his book about Dusty in Memphis ” the idiosyncratic songwriting of Newman as “reinforcing the backbone of the story that gives [the album] its special shape”. I can`t find the shape or maybe I need more time or experience in life to see/hear it.

To me the Jerry Butler Version is more appealing.



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